14th February – The Book of Taliesin

This is a history book as well as a book of poetry. Firstly, there are 60 pages of introduction. I advise you to read this introduction as it sets the scene for both the history and the poetry. There are 6 pages of notes for the introduction. The book is in English and has beenContinue reading “14th February – The Book of Taliesin”

9th February – The Origins of Creativity

This is a fine book by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning naturalist Edward O Wilson. This book is about the relationship between the humanities and the sciences and their roots in human creativity and what it means to be human. When did humans start being creative, well the answer is a lot longer ago thanContinue reading “9th February – The Origins of Creativity”

7th February – God’s Fury England’s Fire

I just finished reading this authoritative history of the English Civil Wars in the 1640s A new history of the civil wars in England in the 1640s and 1650s outlining battles, diseases, religious fervour, and radical politics involving the New Model Army, Levellers, petitioners, pamphleteers, and Charles I. This book goes into great detail aboutContinue reading “7th February – God’s Fury England’s Fire”

Office Life – Excerpt 2

Another excerpt from a book on life in an English office “I can only speak about the hair on her head,” replied Tranfield,”but it does look like the colour of shoe polish doesn’t it?” “God, Martian, who taught you to program, Aristotle?” “Harry who?” “Aristotle the ancient Greek philosopher, you dimwit, this code is soContinue reading “Office Life – Excerpt 2”

She’s Coming For You

Another chapter from the fictional story about the lady assassin who is hunting trophy hunters in Spain. The train from Pamplona arrived at the station called Rosa de Lima on the edge of the city of Burgos. Buses to the centre of the city run roughly every thirty minutes – there was an electronic scheduleContinue reading “She’s Coming For You”

24th January – Materialism

“If Terry Eagleton didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him.” So wrote Simon Critchley, but the more of Professor Terry’s books I read, the less I agree with this statement. Terry Eagleton is a unique writer whose work could never be created by artificial means. It’s the sense of humour and fun amongstContinue reading “24th January – Materialism”

24th January – The Invisible Hand

I don’t normally read books on Economics but I thought I would read The Invisible Hand, since it’s the book, or one of Adam Smith‘s books, that ‘inspired’ Thatcherism and the Free Marketeers. Yes, the Invisible Hand is about the Free Market and so paved the way for the modern capitalist system. Adam Smith arguesContinue reading “24th January – The Invisible Hand”

She’s Coming For You – Chapter 6

This is an example paragraph from my story She’s Coming for You. Susan Del Piero, a staffer dealing with medical questions at the American Embassy on Calle de Serrano in Madrid, took the call at 9:20 am, Spanish time. She jotted down the details of the five-minute conversation on her I-Pad, and when the hospitalContinue reading “She’s Coming For You – Chapter 6”

22nd January

5 Days in the life of an English office There’s lots of banter and insults flying around in this story. One person goes to the wrong place for the weekend, another has horrible personal habits, and a couple have sex over a desk when no one is watching, but someone is listening. The main characterContinue reading “22nd January”