Conflict in Ukraine by Rajan Menon / Eugene Rumer – Book Review

This is a book about the events leading up to and including the Russian invasion of Crimea and the Donbas area in 2014 and doesn’t cover the 2022 invasion of the rest of Ukraine. The authors mention Zbigniew Brzezinski and his 1997 book The Grand Chessboard in which he stressed the importance of Ukraine asContinue reading “Conflict in Ukraine by Rajan Menon / Eugene Rumer – Book Review”

Byzantium – A Very Short Introduction

Number 437 in the ‘A Very Short Introduction’ series. In 324 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine defeated the last of his foes, Licinius, at sea, in the vicinity of the ancient Greek settlement of Byzantion (Latin Byzantium) on the straits of the Bosphorus. In celebration of his victory, he renamed the city Konstantinoupolis Nea RomeContinue reading “Byzantium – A Very Short Introduction”

Rorke’s Drift by Neil Thornton

I’ve read a few books about Rorke’s Drift and this is one I will be keeping in my library. The book covers aspects of the battle not previously covered in anything else I’ve read, such as the defence and the withdrawal from the hospital and who was where and when during this time. Rorke’s DriftContinue reading “Rorke’s Drift by Neil Thornton”

Where did the universe come from? Book Review

I suppose I should have expected the answers this book provides. I won’t say what those are because that would spoil the reading of the book for some people. Basically, physicists face a fundamental problem in that they have come no nearer to creating / finding a Theory of Everything in the last hundred years.Continue reading “Where did the universe come from? Book Review”

Life on the Golden Horn – Book Review

This is number 6 in the ‘Great Journeys’ series by Penguin. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu travelled to Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1716 with her husband who had been appointed ambassador to the Ottoman Empire by King George I. This idea didn’t turn out very well and they were recalled in 1718. I’ve not seen anyContinue reading “Life on the Golden Horn – Book Review”

Travels through History – France – Pont du Gard

Extract from the book ‘Travels through History : France” available here This famous aqueduct and bridge, visible from airplanes heading to Marseilles-Provence Airport, is between Remoulins and Vers-Pont du Gardon, 13 miles from Avignon. The Pont-du-Gard was built in just five years using 51,000 tons of stone . No mortar was used. The structure isContinue reading “Travels through History – France – Pont du Gard”

Christian Beginnings by Geza Vermes

This is a brilliant book that I recommend to you all, even if you’re not religious or a follower of Christianity. This book traces the evolution of the figure of Jesus from a prophet in the tradition of other Jewish holy men of the Old Testament to a mysterious being who is consubstantial and coeternalContinue reading “Christian Beginnings by Geza Vermes”

The Precipice by Noam Chomsky

This is a collection of interviews with America’s leading public intellectual from the time of the rise to power of Donald Trump to the end of his presidency. Noam Chomsky sheds light on how neoliberalism came into effect in the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and has increased in intensity since, so thatContinue reading “The Precipice by Noam Chomsky”