3rd February – Brunanburh

I was reading the Book of Taliesin today and it mentioned the Battle of Brunanburh, which I had never appreciated the importance of. The battle was fought in 937 between Æthelstan, King of England, and an alliance of Olaf Guthfrithson, King of Dublin; Constantine II, King of Scotland, and Owain, King of Strathclyde. The battle is often cited as the point of origin forContinue reading “3rd February – Brunanburh”

1st February – The Dig

I believe this film has been covered elsewhere. I would just like to say that I really liked this film and I believe it was completely unnecessary to have invented a character (I won’t say which one – spoiler non-alert) who falls for the wife of one of the archaeologists. The film implies that herContinue reading “1st February – The Dig”

She’s Coming For You

Another chapter from the fictional story about the lady assassin who is hunting trophy hunters in Spain. The train from Pamplona arrived at the station called Rosa de Lima on the edge of the city of Burgos. Buses to the centre of the city run roughly every thirty minutes – there was an electronic scheduleContinue reading “She’s Coming For You”

24th January – The Invisible Hand

I don’t normally read books on Economics but I thought I would read The Invisible Hand, since it’s the book, or one of Adam Smith‘s books, that ‘inspired’ Thatcherism and the Free Marketeers. Yes, the Invisible Hand is about the Free Market and so paved the way for the modern capitalist system. Adam Smith arguesContinue reading “24th January – The Invisible Hand”

14th January – Taliesin

I am heading towards the end of Silas Marner by George Eliot. I appreciate this book a tremendous amount, but I doubt that in the days when this book was set, a single man would be able to keep and raise a very young girl who wandered into his house after her mother died inContinue reading “14th January – Taliesin”

13th January

I finished the Magic in the Landscape today by Nigel Pennick. The book is a very gentle introduction to the layout of the landscape showing how little of the original still remains. When archaeologists move stone circles away from the construction of a new road, then they inevitably change the orientation of the circle andContinue reading “13th January”

12th January

Thank you once again to the book Magic in the Landscape by Nigel Pennick for informing me that a London church, St Mary Aldermanbury, was moved stone by numbered stone to Fulton Missouri, ten years after the church was bombed and burned out in the London blitz during WWII. I knew that London Bridge wasContinue reading “12th January”

11th January

Today’s word of the day id Exiguity – the quality of being meager, leanness, meagerness, scantiness, scantness, poorness. inadequacy, deficiency, insufficiency – lack of an adequate quantity or number. Good luck using this in conversation today. I’m reading a book on Hermeneutics and understanding very little of it, but what I did pick up wasContinue reading “11th January”

10th January

Another fascinating fact from Magic in the Landscape by Nigel Pennick. Charles Dickens took feng shui so seriously that if he was on his travels, he would realign any bed he was sleeping in to a north-south orientation. From the same book, todays’s word is augury. Augury is the practice from ancient Roman / EtruscanContinue reading “10th January”