Durham and St Cuthbert – The Cathedral

An excerpt from the book: Travels through History – North-East England The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St Cuthbert of Durham is the official name of Durham Cathedral and is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Durham. The present cathedral was founded in 1093 and was built in just 40Continue reading “Durham and St Cuthbert – The Cathedral”

Christian Beginnings by Geza Vermes

This is a brilliant book that I recommend to you all, even if you’re not religious or a follower of Christianity. This book traces the evolution of the figure of Jesus from a prophet in the tradition of other Jewish holy men of the Old Testament to a mysterious being who is consubstantial and coeternalContinue reading “Christian Beginnings by Geza Vermes”

Our Cats in Amsterdam

Our Cats in Amsterdam is the sequel to The Diary of a Buddhist Cat. Freddie and Gemma’s combination of daring rescues, apprehension of thieves, and stealthy listening skills have come to the attention of the crows at Europol. Recruited to spy on the mafia, diamond smugglers, and human traffickers in Amsterdam, our heroes face manyContinue reading “Our Cats in Amsterdam”

The Island of Sheep by John Buchan

Written in 1936, this is a lovely story about rich males who seem able to drop their jobs / business dealings to support the son of a friend who is being threatened by unscrupulous types. Richard Hannay and Sandy Clanroyden have both featured in other stories by John Buchan. Here they’re helping a friend calledContinue reading “The Island of Sheep by John Buchan”

A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie

Rex Fortescue, Adele Fortescue, and Gladys Martin all die within a few hours. Rex was poisoned by Taxine, a poisonous constituent of yew plants, Adele was poisoned by potassium cyanide, and Gladys was strangled. Whodunit? Miss Marple arrives at Yewtree Lodge, the home of the Fortescues where Gladys was a maid, about 2/5ths of theContinue reading “A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie”

Confessions of St Augustine

St Augustine of Hippo had a profound effect on the Catholic Church that many people don’t appreciate. In these Confessions, Augustine argues that it was human choice – Adam’s sin or original sin – that brought mortality and sexual desire upon the human race and so deprived Adam’s progeny of the freedom to choose notContinue reading “Confessions of St Augustine”

Adam, Eve, and the Serpent

This is a very informative book with many insights into the early years of Christianity. I would recommend everyone try to read it. There are many interesting facts – for example, there is a gnostic gospel called Testimony of Truth which tells the story of Paradise from the serpent’s point of view. The most intriguingContinue reading “Adam, Eve, and the Serpent”

The Precipice by Noam Chomsky

This is a collection of interviews with America’s leading public intellectual from the time of the rise to power of Donald Trump to the end of his presidency. Noam Chomsky sheds light on how neoliberalism came into effect in the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and has increased in intensity since, so thatContinue reading “The Precipice by Noam Chomsky”