1st May – Conspiracy Theories

This fascinating book written in plain English by a philosopher at the University of Warwick states that conspiracy theories need to be understood first and foremost in political terms and that the intellectual character of conspiracy theorists is a side issue. Ethical considerations are important too. This book is about the politics of conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “1st May – Conspiracy Theories”

30th April – 21st Century Socialism

In this book, Jeremy Gilbert argues that socialism must overcome its industrial origins and give priority to an environmental agenda and that it’s time to empower workers, citizens, and communities to run their world their way. This book proposes that a twenty-first-century socialism is the only reasonable solution to the crises of today from climateContinue reading “30th April – 21st Century Socialism”

27th April – An Officer and a Spy

I’d heard of the Dreyfus Affair, but I’d never realised what a miscarriage of justice this was. After completing this book, I realised two things: how far the authorities can go in order to cover up their mistakes and how much difference one person can make when they can be bothered to pursue what theyContinue reading “27th April – An Officer and a Spy”

9th April – On Truth and Untruth

This book contains a small sample of Nietzsche’s published and unpublished writing on the nature and value of truth. The editor has tried to include what struck him as the most memorable and important pronouncements on truth, untruth, and truthfulness. The texts are in chronological order to provide an insight into how Nietzsche’s views becameContinue reading “9th April – On Truth and Untruth”

24th February – Days of Reading

I’ve started reading this short book Days of Reading by Marcel Proust. Two items to tell you about. The first is the observation that “The configuration of something is not simply the image of its nature, it is the clue to its destiny and the transcript of its history.” The second is this story: JMWContinue reading “24th February – Days of Reading”